9:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Keith Lawler Managing Director, Reinsurance Solutions, Aon Latin America

Opportunity, Impact and ROI

9:10 am Opening Keynote: Envisaging the New ‘Intelligent Broker’ in a Transformed Insurance Value Chain


• Suggested content: Leveraging analytics for streamlined pricing, selection and underwriting of insurance
• Developing tools to minimize data entry, track claims applications, enable rapid quoting and manage compensation
• Envisaging new broker-carrier relationship models thanks to increased intelligence and efficiency
• Standardizing carriers’ data to facilitate analysis by the broker

9:50 am From Concept to Reality: Customer Lifetime Value for Personal Clients in Insurance


• Determining at what point a pilot project is successful enough to be rolled out enterprise-wide
• When does the ROI conversation become a reality?
• Learning how Sura Colombia have implemented an analytics project for improved sales through marketing campaigns
• Determining an appropriate range of KPIs and measures of value
• Establishing ways to measure the impact, effectiveness and ROI as this project is rolled out across offices nationwide

10:30 am Morning Refreshments & Networking

11:00 am Roundtables – Sharing Successes & Challenges of Current Business Applications of Data Analytics


This session will break out into different business functions to:
• Discuss current analytics projects being pursued to identify areas of success and inspire new opportunities
• Share some of the lessons learned in overcoming challenges relating to people, technology, culture and change, specific to each business function

Use Cases – Round Two

11:40 am Use Case 3 – Taking a Client-Centric Approach: Data Analytics for Improved Customer Experience & Engagement

  • Alvaro Ortiz Director of Data and Analytics, Insurance Office of America


• Learning how data has enabled a new quotation platform that can deliver customer quotations in real time
• Removing complexity from both the agent and the customer experience in order
to enhance rating integrity
• Utilizing neural networks and advanced modelling to generate customer scoring without requesting information from the customer
• Leveraging data gained from customer behavior and third party sources: How to ensure its quality and validity

12:20 pm Lunch

1:20 pm Use Case 4 – Optimizing Claims Processes Through Data Analytics


• Learning how Liberty have identified an area of weakness in the claims process that could be improved with analytics
• Exploring the methodology for developing tools and predictive models
• Discovering how tools were designed for the non-technical Claims department to use for the future
• Reviewing the technology used to build these new claims processes
• What were the KPIs, results and its ROI?

1:50 pm Use Case 5 – Enhancing Fraud Detection & Prevention Through Advanced Analytics


• Discovering how data analytics can be leveraged to identify fraudulent activity
• Learning how San Cristobal have been working to reduce fraud through analyzing data
• Exploring the challenges faced and lessons learned with adopting new analytics practices
• What were the results and its ROI?

2:20 pm Q&A with Use Case Presentation Speakers

3:00 pm Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

3:00 pm Panel Discussion: Taking the Next Steps Towards Implementation & Scalability


• Understanding the technical and business requirements for the successful implementation of an analytics project
• What are realistic timeframes?
• Discussing different approaches and methodology for scaling up
• Exploring the lessons learned from different industry examples of implementation and scale-up
• Discovering industry initiatives promoting and supporting the advancement of data analytics

3:02 pm Towards 2020

3:40 pm Closing Keynote: Embracing the Emergence of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in 2020 Analytics

  • Benjamin Williams Director Pricing, Product, Claims and Underwriting Practice in the Americas, Willis Towers Watson USA


• Discovering how analytics projects can drive new value from data through intelligent technologies and techniques
• Reviewing the disruptions and possibilities of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that will occur in the next 18 months
• Revealing inspirational examples from early adopters

4:20 pm Conference Close

4:40 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks