Here is some feedback from previous attendees to Insurance Latam events and why these high-quality meetings are an essential resource for senior leaders making critical business decisions and advancing their businesses.

“A very enriching experience in all its aspects: the presentations and the speakers, networking and workshops. Practically everything is pure added value. Highly recommended for those of us in the industry” Head of Operations and Services, Sancor Seguris

“It was a motivating exchange to diagnose where we are and face the challenges with enthusiasm” Supervisor - Commercial, Life Division, Banco de Seguros del Estado

"These conferences are becoming a must. The key players are here. It combines senior level executives with top-notch content in great package" President, Remark

“An excellent meeting with colleagues that allows to assess present and future of the industry, and identify trends and current use of technologies that allow differentiation in a very competitive market” Head of Infrastructure & Services” Rio Uruguay Seguros

“Events such as these are important to be up to date on the progress of technology and how it can improve our processes” Director, Global Reinsurance

"The event brings together leaders from the region who work to change the market. The topics not only help reinforce existing plans and strategies, but also generate ideas for new projects" VP Customer Insights, AIG

"This event is the best opportunity to understand the new technologies and discover synergies to be able to take advantage of them as soon as possible" VP, Positiva Compañía de Seguros